Children Hover Board Two-Wheeled Electric Balance Car With Armrests

Short Description:

Happy riding, safety first

Power-on self-balancing

Automatically maintain balance when start; four-dimensional integration

Unbiased gravity, flexible and balanced sense of gravity

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Multiple battery protection
Intelligent battery management system for lithium battery packs
Provide overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent and other aspects
Safeguard and improve battery life.
Speed ​​limit protection
When the riding speed is greater than 12KM/H,
The front end of the pedal is gradually raised to prevent further
speed to prevent accidents.
Low battery warning
When the battery is less than about 15%, a beeping sound is emitted
Alarm, the battery indicator flashes red,
Wake the user to stop riding.
Leans forward-  forward
stay upright - stop
Lean back slightly - step back

Rated voltage 36V
Motor Power 600W
Power endurance 10-15km
Operation method Leg control

10 inch wheel
Anti skid, wear-resistant
and shock absorption
No fear of bumps and mud, more stable balance car
Wheels can be customized
Wheels can be carbon fiber
or aluminum alloy


Sandy land
Deceleration zone ,Tile floor,Fearless of steep slopes
Stronger pavement adaptability
In case of complex road conditions, the motor power is
automatically adjusted and easily climbed


Road / grassland
Tiles / marble
Sand / soil
Narrow road / uphill
Double hub brushless motor
The DC motor is equipped with high-quality battery pack,
and the power output is stable


Motor power Maximum torque
LED large screen
Real time understanding of
vehicle conditions


Display speed, power and other information, and the vehicle condition is clear at a glance

Auto balance at start

Turn on the machine for three seconds, automatically keep still, it is safer to get on and off the machine, learn to ride in two minutes


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