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    Power explosion-proof electric core

    Power cells and 18650 explosion-proof lithium batteries are used in the factory, which have abundant power, safety and reliability, strong stability, longer battery life and lower failure rate.

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    Pure copper 750W motor

    The motors used in the factory are pure copper 700W brushless motors with surging power, stable performance, low noise and more efficiency.

  • 03

    Bearing Capacity

    The balance car is of steel structure, with a bearing capacity of 100kg, which can be played by adults and children, carrying the happy parent-child time of the family.

  • 04

    High quality Bluetooth

    The car uses Bluetooth 5.0 transmission and a high fidelity speaker to connect the car with the mobile phone, playing music and stories anytime and anywhere.


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Why Choose Us

  • Source factory, 15 years of production experience

    The source factory, with an area of 10000 square meters and a daily delivery of more than 2000 units, has 15 years of production experience, an independent wholly-owned production line and a complete vehicle production line for core components (batteries, motors, shells), undertakes OEM ODM orders for electric scooters, electric balance cars, and electric drift cars, and independently develops the upgrade of electric balance cars - double battery life; LOGO can be customized, with guaranteed quality and competitive price.

  • Independent intellectual property patents and scientific quality management system

    The factory has a professional production design and development team to ensure that a new series of product styles are updated every year, with independent intellectual property patents and a scientific quality management system. The product has excellent quality, beautiful and unique appearance, and is sold well all over the world.

  • Product quality first, professional service second

    It has an independent and sole proprietorship production line for core components (batteries, motors, shells), with sufficient supply and stable prices; The factory has diversified product styles and specifications, including electric balance cars, electric scooters, electric drift cars, and electric Harley cars, all of which are produced independently; Professional customer service and business personnel recommend the most appropriate product configuration according to customer needs to provide professional and high-quality services.

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