Common Fault Analysis And Solution Of Electric Balance Car.

There is a problem with the electric balance car starting up and it cannot run normally: In this case, first check the flashing lights between the two pedals of the balance car. There will be a fault light flashing on the electric balance car. According to the position and number of flashing lights, it can be judged whether it is the battery problem of the balance car, the motor problem, the main control board problem, or the loose communication line between the main control boards.
If the flashing light of the balance car is on the side of the battery, the beeping alarm will sound and the balance car will not be used. In this case, the balance car has not been fully charged, or the driver has traveled when the battery is insufficient. In this case, just charge it fully. The problem is solved; under normal circumstances, the charger shows a red light when the balance car is charging, and turns green when it is fully charged. If the green light is displayed when the balance car is charging without electricity, you need to check whether the charging hole and the charger are normal. If the item is normal, it proves that there is a problem with the battery of the balance car, and the battery needs to be replaced;
There is another problem that the flashing light is on the side of the main board. According to the number of flashing lights, it is judged that there is a problem with the main control board or the motor; if the power is sufficient, the balance car can be turned on and placed on a stool, and the wheels on both sides are vacated. In the air, check whether the motor of the balance car is normal. If there is abnormal noise or stuck, you need to replace the motor-related accessories; if the motor detects no abnormality, judge the problem of the main control board according to the number of flashing lights and replace the accessories.
For the daily correct use of the balance car:
1. In life, when using a balance car to travel, it is necessary to see whether the power of the balance car is sufficient. If the power is insufficient, it may lead to the problem of stopping halfway; there is also the overload movement of the motor in the case of insufficient power, which leads to the motor. If it is damaged and cannot be used normally,
2. When charging, you need to see whether the voltage of the balance car is normal during charging. The voltage requirement is 220V or 110V AC. Remember to use the engineering voltage to charge, otherwise it will cause the motor to burn out. Possibility of losing repairs
3. When using in daily life, it is often necessary to regularly maintain and charge the balance car (the balance car needs to be charged once every 30 days) to ensure the safety of travel and daily use of vehicles, as well as to ensure the safety of yourself.



Post time: Sep-17-2022